Deep Learning Part 0

This is the beginning of my blog posts about my adventure into Deep Learning with fastai and PyTorch. I bought this book called “Deep Learning for Coders with fastai & PyTorch: AI Applications Without a PhD" by recommendation of the AI/ML Practice at work.

Over the next while I will log my thoughts on this book and post my work. If things get exciting enough, I’m sure I’ll make project specific posts.

My development environment will typically be my Pixel Slate with Visual Studio Code connected over ssh to my physical server at home. It is a whitebox build with an Intel Skylake Xeon quad core without hyperthreading .。・゚゚・(>_<)・゚゚・。. , 64gb of memory, 3x SSDs in RAID 0, Nvidia 1060 6gb video card, and NAS for any extra storage I may need. I will also maintain at least one Docker container running a GPU accelerated Jupyter notebook depending on the project requirements.

Now to begin the first chapter!!!

Last modified: 26 February 2021